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About Me

I've been a bookworm my whole life.

My all-time favorite children's author is Enid Blyton. Few things in life have been as wonderful as sharing the Faraway Tree series, the Naughtiest Girl in School, and Mr. Pinkwhistle, with my own kids. And then, when they become re-readers of her books… Bliss!

It's too hard to pick a favorite author in any other genre. I read everything, but prefer an epic series above all else. Ever since I started writing it, YA fiction has held a special soft spot in my heart.

Travel is another true love.

My life plans include experiencing the world's wonders as a travelling vagabond. This will absolutely include a "Beaches of the World" tour.

For now, I am rooted with my husband and two children in beautiful Colorado.

I always planned to write a book, and now finally, I have.

BECOMING NOA is a star-crossed love story set against the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. My intention is not to stir up controversy. Instead, I'm aiming for a balanced and entertaining portrayal of the never-ending situation, through multiple perspectives.

I very much appreciate the sensitivity of the subject matter being addressed. Becoming Noa has been read and edited by both Israelis and Palestinians.

BECOMING NOA is my story to tell.

I've lived in Israel several times—more than five years in all. In my late-20s, I worked for the Mayor of Jerusalem. Later, I worked for a non-profit which ran cross-cultural encounters between young adult Israelis and Palestinians AND Jewish Zionist programming with an emphasis on religious pluralism.

This experience informs my fictionalization of a wave of bombing in the late 1990s, allowing me to present the still all-too-relevant Middle East political conflict and cultural tensions through the eyes of a person embarking on adulthood.